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*If you have a 30-Day Substitute Teaching Permit OR a valid CA Teaching Credential, skip to Step 2*
Step 1.

Obtain an “Emergency 30-Day Substitute Teaching Permit” from the San Diego County Office of Education (SDCOE) if you do not already have a teaching credential.

For more information regarding getting a valid teaching credential or a 30-day Emergency  Substitute Teaching permit, please visit the San Diego County Office of Education by clicking here  

Individuals who obtained their degree in a country other than the USA must obtain a complete evaluation of their transcripts by an approved organization accepted by the California Commission of Teacher Credentialing (CTC). A list of approved organizations can be found by clicking here

In the Classroom
Step 2.

Apply for our posting online at under North County Coastal Substitute Consortium. Please be prepared to have the following documents available to upload to your  application:

  1. Current Resume

  2. Letter of Introduction

  3. Valid California teaching credential or 30-Day Emergency Substitute Permit

  4. Two (2) current letters of recommendation

Step 3.

Upon review of the submitted applications, only selected candidates will be invited for an interview.


Ensure that the email provided on your application is accurate as this will be our primary means of contacting you. 

**Please note: applications that are incomplete or missing attachments will be screened out of the posting.

We accept applications throughout the school year. Our substitute pool consists of guest teachers who remain active in the consortium by substituting at least once every 45 DAYS.

Step 4.

If you are selected to join the wonderful pool of guest teachers in the NCCSC, you must attend a new hire orientation. 

Upon being selected, the candidate must provide:

  • A Valid Driver’s License

  • Original Social Security Card

  • Tuberculosis test (we honor TB tests from within the past 4 years)

  • Completed I-30 Form (***Retired Teacher only)

Employment is contingent upon passing a preplacement physical with a drug and alcohol screen, fingerprint/livescan clearance, and a current verification of a negative TB test or X-ray. 

***Due to the high volume of applications received, NCCSC requires that you do not contact the office regarding the status of your application. Applications will be carefully reviewed and those with the most appropriate education, experience, and training will be contacted to continue in the process. 

Step 5

Fingerprint Clearance: Please note that there are TWO types of prints every applicant needs to have on file: San Diego County Clearinghouse prints, and Commission on Teacher Credentialing prints. **There is a cost attached and the district will not reimburse these costs even if you are hired.**

  • If you are applying for a credential or permit for the first time, the Commission on Teacher Credentialing requires fingerprint clearance to be able to issue your document. Print and fill out the: 41-LS Fingerprint Form

  • All candidates who are selected to join our substitute pool will need to have their fingerprints in the San Diego County Clearinghouse database. Print and fill out the: Clearinghouse Form

  • To find an approved/DOJ Live Scan location to get your fingerprints processed, please click HERE

Are you a retiree?
If you are a retiree returning to work, please click on the link below for important information you need to know before you can return to work. You can find this information here.

Retirees must sign and have a physician complete I-30 form prior to return to work.
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